Security Rating 9 out of 10
Security Rating
Temperature Range
without optional heater
Imperial 20 to 110° F
Metric -6.7 to 43° C
with optional heater
Imperial -10 to 110° F
Metric -23.3 to 43° C
Cabinet Heavy gauge steel
Front glass Double pane
Outer window Polycarbonate
Imperial 39" W x 72" H x 35" D
Metric 99 x 183 x 89 cm
Electrical Circuit Requirements
North America
Voltage 110V
Max. Current 15 amps
Voltage Contact us
Max. Current Contact us
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High Security Vending Machine


  • Specially designed to vend emergency bicycle repair parts and accessories
  • Remote auditing via cellular network allows you to remotely monitor sales and inventory data
  • Bike Fixtation will supply vending machine owners with a planogram of suggested stocking items
  • Maintenance is extremely minimal and affordable since machines use common vending technology
  • Well suited for indoor and outdoor applications, and have high security measures built-in
  • Your machine can be customized to accept bills, coins, credit cards, university payment cards, and various types of gift cards
  • Have questions? See our list of Frequently Asked Questions

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Dual locking system
Bike products in vending machine

Installations (click to enlarge)

Brooklyn, New York, USA
Located at Brooklyn's Natural Foods

Rebound Cycle
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Located at Rebound Cycle

Bike Fixtation
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Located at Uptown Transit Station

Bike Fixtation
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Located at Lake Street LRT Station

Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
Located at La Trobe University

Crystal City Business Improvement District
Arlington, Virginia, USA
Located at Crystal City Water Park

Alcosta Chevron
San Ramon, California, USA
Located at Alcosta Chevron